BOSS® (Back Office Support System) for the Self Managed Associations

BOSS is our comprehensive accounting service. In many ways, we become your internal accounting department taking over time-consuming tasks associated with accounting and tax work.

Bookkeeping— Turn over your time-consuming bookkeeping tasks to us: paying bills, recording deposits, issuing invoices and statements for assessments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. With our secure web-based interface, we can work with you directly online. We will process your information and deliver the required financial documents electronically.

Accounting—We relieve you from complex accounting tasks and deliver the financial data you need to make informed business decisions. We’ll handle everything from financial statement reporting and bank reconciliations to general ledger maintenance. Even better, all documents are delivered through our advanced online portal, so you get up-to-date information 24/7.

Payroll—Staying compliant with ever-changing laws is a challenge for any small business. We will take care of everything in the payroll process: direct deposit, W-2 processing, tax filing and reporting. And we do it all electronically. Your employees will enjoy secure online access to pay stub information and W-2s—saving you hours in distribution time.

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