Our QuickBooks Support is All the Help You’ll Ever Need!

We offer specialized classroom and One-on-One QuickBooks Training to meet the needs of small business owners.

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small businesses, performing at the level which most small businesses require. The question is…are you getting enough out of the software? It is reported that many businesses only use about 20% of the QuickBooks program.

Our highly trained QuickBooks ProAdvisor staff is ready and available to address all your software needs from set-up to clean-up; from conversion, to training and support. We want to ensure QuickBooks is working at top speed for you! Accounting in the Clouds - We also offer a hosted QuickBooks software solution offering users substantial benefits. It improves the collaboration between CPA and client, as multiple users can access data, documents, and reports simultaneously resulting in real-time sharing of financial information. All parties have 24/7 access from any location with an internet connection. Small businesses now have entrée to the latest technology on the market without the added cost of IT infrastructure and software application upgrades. Furthermore, data is stored offsite in first-class storage facilities and backed-up on a continual basis ensuring your financial records are safe and still accessible if disaster should strike at your location. You can simply access all your financial data from another internet terminal. Increased convenience, reduced costs, and added security are just a few of the benefits of our hosted software solution.

Here is how we can assist you:

  • Set Up—proper installation and set-up are essential to avoiding problems down the road. Let our experts get you off to a good start.
  • On Site Training—group, individual or customized.
  • Analysis—we can assist experienced users by performing an assessment outlining areas of inefficiency and recommend solutions.
  • Customization— we can customize features to match your company’s needs.
  • Conversion to QuickBooks from another accounting system.
  • Support—our QuickBooks ProAdvisor staff is always available to assist you with the software, as well as your related accounting and payroll needs.

Classroom training

  • Our Classroom training is done in our in-house training center at the SBC Office Center.
  • Click here for a list of available seminars.
  • Please email team@sbc-cpa.com if you are interested in QuickBooks training.

One-on-One Training

  • Our personalized One-on-One Training lets us customize a training session focused on your specific business needs.
  • We focus on items relevant to your business and not the features you will never use.

Client Center

- Individual Clients
- Business Clients
- Client Employee

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